Generally I am interested in traditional music/dance and ethnic pop music around the world. I also enjoy classical music, early jazz, new age and keep my ears open for many other kinds. I prefer music recorded in 1900-1970s, before the era of globalization and show business, or contemporary performances in the traditional style.


  • Music from Russia, Ukraine and other former republics and ethnic minorities of the USSR. The older the better.
  • Classical vocalists of Russian origin.
  • Traditional and pop music of the following regions and ethnicities:
    • Gypsy and Jewish music around the world.
    • East and South Asia (especially Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, India)
    • Central Asia, Uyghur
    • Middle East, Arabic
    • Mediterranean
    • Latin and South America
    • Europe
  • Popular dance music of 1900-1950s
    (tango, foxtrot, rumba, pasodoble, charleston, waltz, etc.).
  • Unusual musical experiments such as a tango played as samba, classical music played as jazz, adaptations of music for instruments by which it was never meant to be played, vocal imitations of musical instruments, parodies.
  • Unusual, creative and amazing performances of any kind.


  • Anything related to cultures of the world, especially of the former USSR nations, and especially Russian and Ukrainian: way of life, traditions, folklore, fairy tales, crafts, costumes, architecture, artifacts, etc.
  • Russian movies, TV and radio programs, cartoons, etc., made before 1980s.
  • Traditional musical instruments of the world and unique modern inventions.


Songs/music of one culture adapted and performed by singers/musicians of another, in original or a different language. Generally I am interested in such recordings made before 1980s. The older the better.

  • Russian songs by non Russian performers, especially from Asia.
  • Non Russian music, which was popular in Russia in 1900-1970s,
    originals and their Russian versions.
  • Songs by Russian immigrants and of Russian communities around the world
    (France, Canada, Israel, Shanghai, USA).
  • Posters, flyers, articles and reviews of Russian/Soviet performances outside of the USSR,
    and foreign performers inside the USSR.
  • Neapolitan songs performed by non Italian performers, in any language.
  • Russian, European, Latin and Middle Eastern music of 1900-1970s by Asian performers.
  • Asian & Middle Eastern adaptations of jazz, early rock-n-roll and early disco.


  • Political songs and/or their lyrics in any language:
    songs of protests, revolutions, international affairs, wars, communist/anti-communist propaganda,
    songs dedicated to political figures and events around the world.
  • Underground, anti-communist songs, ditties (especially Russian) or their lyrics.
  • Audio/video recordings of speeches of former Soviet leaders, party members, generals, workers.
    Memories, news broadcasts and other documentaries of the USSR.
  • Political posters around the world (propaganda, wars, communism, civil responsibility, etc).


  • Unusual, rare, historical, experimental and bizarre musical instruments, acoustic and electric.
  • Early sound recording technology (acoustic and electric) and music industry in the USSR republics.
  • Antique, unusual and experimental audio/video recording/playing machines and media of any kind.

For all of the topics above, I am looking for:
  • Audio and video recordings (digital, LPs, 78s, tapes, reels).
  • Books, articles, photos, web sites.
  • Recommendations on the performers.
  • Translations from different languages, especially from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian & Neapolitan.
  • Enthusiasts with similar interests for recordings/knowledge exchange.

If you have similar interests in music and would like to share them, please contact me.

Note, music is not the only thing I care about, it's just one of my biggest passions. I have many other various hobbies and interests, most notably cycling, hiking, crafts, antiques, all kinds of vintage things, history of material culture and heraldry. I love meeting collectors and enthusiasts of any kind and learning from them about their hobbies. If I had time, I wish I could learn more about world's history, archaeology, and sciences like physics, astronomy, anthropology, zoology, biology, geology, economics and business... pretty much everything in the world that I still don't know. But now, most importantly, I am trying to learn photography and video making.