Generally I am interested in traditional music/dance and ethnic pop music around the world. I also enjoy classical music, early jazz, new age and keep my ears open for many other kinds. I prefer music recorded in 1900-1970s, before the era of globalization and show business, or contemporary performances in the traditional style.


  • Music from Russia, Ukraine and other former republics and ethnic minorities of the USSR. The older the better.
  • Classical vocalists of Russian origin.
  • Traditional and pop music of the following regions and ethnicities:
    • Gypsy and Jewish music around the world.
    • East and South Asia (especially Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, India)
    • Central Asia, Uyghur
    • Middle East, Arabic
    • Mediterranean
    • Latin and South America
    • Europe
  • Popular dance music of 1900-1950s
    (tango, foxtrot, rumba, pasodoble, charleston, waltz, etc.).
  • Unusual musical experiments such as a tango played as samba, classical music played as jazz, adaptations of music for instruments by which it was never meant to be played, vocal imitations of musical instruments, parodies.
  • Unusual, creative and amazing performances of any kind.


  • Absolutely anything related to Russian/Ukrainian traditional and Soviet culture (way of life, traditions, folklore, crafts, costumes, architecture, arts, artifacts, etc.).
  • Artifacts of the USSR - all kinds of typical household items of the Soviet period, memorabilia, propaganda, crafts, souvenirs.
  • Russian movies, TV and radio programs, cartoons, etc., made before 1970s.
  • Traditional musical instruments of the world.
  • Cultures of the world (fairy tales, legends, traditions, costumes, holidays, ways of life and survival).


Songs/music of one culture adapted and performed by singers/musicians of another, in original or a different language. Generally I am interested in such recordings made before 1980s. The older the better.

  • Russian songs by non Russian performers, especially from Asia.
  • Non Russian music, which was popular in Russia in 1900-1970s,
    originals and their Russian versions.
  • Songs by Russian immigrants and of Russian communities around the world
    (France, Canada, Israel, Shanghai, USA).
  • Posters, flyers, articles and reviews of Russian/Soviet performances outside of the USSR,
    and foreign performers inside the USSR.
  • Neapolitan songs performed by non Italian performers, in any language.
  • Russian, European, Latin and Middle Eastern music of 1900-1970s by Asian performers.
  • Asian & Middle Eastern adaptations of jazz, early rock-n-roll and early disco.


  • Political songs and/or their lyrics in any language:
    songs of protests, revolutions, international affairs, wars, communist/anti-communist propaganda,
    songs dedicated to political figures and events around the world.
  • Underground, anti-communist songs, ditties (especially Russian) or their lyrics.
  • Audio/video recordings of speeches of former Soviet leaders, party members, generals, workers.
    Memories, news broadcasts and other documentaries of the USSR.
  • Political posters around the world (propaganda, wars, communism, civil responsibility, etc).


  • Unusual, rare, historical, experimental and bizarre musical instruments, acoustic and electric.
  • Early sound recording technology (acoustic and electric) and music industry in the USSR republics.
  • Antique, unusual and experimental audio/video recording/playing machines and media of any kind.

For all of the topics above, I am looking for:
  • Audio and video recordings (digital, LPs, 78s, tapes, reels).
  • Books, articles, photos, web sites.
  • Recommendations on the performers.
  • Translations from different languages, especially from Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Italian & Neapolitan.
  • Enthusiasts with similar interests for recordings/knowledge exchange.

If you are interested in anything of the above,
let's talk and exchange. Please, contact me.

If you're interested in world ethnic music, and would like to exchange it, please email me.