"We must be the change we wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

My name is Alex, I am a music collector. My goal is to discover and preserve the best, most perfect and purest that was ever created by humans - traditional music and dance. In my collection I have thousands of recordings of many nations, genres and times. Most of them were made in 1900-1970s, before the era of globalization and show business. The ethnic music that I collect has thousands of years of history, it was created with a passion for art, as a necessity to express oneself, not for money or fame. Traditional music truly reflects people's cultures and soul, so it's very regretful that it's not popular or well known today. Great majority of traditional music recordings was never released on CDs and many great artists and songs are now totally forgotten.

In addition to actual recordings, I am searching for information about them, their history and background, information about the greatest performers of different nations, obscure and forgotten performers of the past.

Besides collecting music, I am trying to popularize the world's musical heritage by introducing people to the music they have never heard before and which they would never be exposed to. Even if you are a professional musician or ethnographer, I could still open the whole new world of music for you.

I would love to meet music lovers/collectors/musicians especially from East/Central/South Asia, Middle East and Latin/South America to exchange recordings/information and to share our cultures. I would greatly appreciate any help, such as translations, recommendations and guidance in music areas I am not knowledgeable about.

My interests also include world's musical instruments, cultures, traditions and anything related. Nowadays, it’s possible to learn about the whole world just from the internet. Internet, iPods, email and phones are meant to help people to connect, but, in practice, they only make people further apart. Our communities have transformed into introverted individuals. So I'd like to meet and learn from real people, not just online.

To learn more about me, read my story.

    A treasure for true music lovers:

  • A whole new world of ethnic music you've never heard before.
  • Audio/video recordings of traditional music/dance
    and ethnic pop music from around the world.
  • Suggestions and recommendations on world's great artists.
  • Expert information on Russian culture and music.
  • Help in learning Russian and English languages.
  • Recordings, information and recommendations on
    the best singers, musicians and dancers of your culture.
  • Translations from various languages, especially
    Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Italian & Neapoletan.
  • Most of all, I am looking for serious collectors and experts
    in ethnic (folk and retro pop) music of Asian countries,
    especially of Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam and India.