I've been extensively collecting world ethnic music nearly 25 years.
But now, for some personal reasons, I have to sell most of my collection.
That is 1000s of hard to find CDs, DVDs, LPs and tapes from all around the world.
Currently I am working on a catalog of the collection, so you could see everything and purchase online.

Most of the music available for sale will be:

Russia Retro pop, romance, bard, traditional, classical, opera
Ukraine Retro, traditional
Korea Retro, trot, instrumental, traditional
India Mostly the best of Bollywood music, oldies, some traditional
Jewish Klezmer, Cantorial, Hebrew/Yiddish oldies
Spain / Latin
Oldies, traditional, instrumental
And a little bit of many other countries and genres.

If you are interested in world music and want to know when the stuff will become available,
please send me an email and mention your interests. Thank you.

Below are photos of some of the media that will be on sale.

If you're interested in world ethnic music, and would like to exchange, please email me.